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History of Basketball



… The professor at the University of Springfield (Massachusetts), James Naismit (a Canadian professor) was entrusted with the mission, in 1891, of devising a sport that could be played indoors, since the winters in that area made it difficult to carry out any activity outdoor.
James Naismith analyzed the sporting activities that were practiced at the time, whose predominant characteristic was force or physical contact, and thought of something active enough, that required more dexterity than strength and that did not have much physical contact.

The Canadian recalled an old game from his childhood called “duck on a rock”, which consisted of trying to reach an object placed on a rock by throwing a stone at it. Naismith asked the head of the school for boxes of 50 cm in diameter but all he got was some baskets of peaches, which he had hung on the railings of the upper gallery that surrounded the gym, at a certain height.